How to use the step by step derivative calculator

How to use step by step derivative calculator

  1. Enter the function you want to differentiate in the box.
  2. Click Differentiate when the function appears as desired.
  3. A step by step interactive solution will appear here.
  4. Advance and go back with your right and left arrow keys.
  5. Follow along and make sure you understand each step.
  6. Enter another function and start again.

How to take the derivative of any function

  1. Check if the sum rule can simplify the function.
  2. Check if the power rule applies.
  3. Check if the function is exponential, logarithmic, or trigonometric.
  4. Check if the product or quotient rule applies.
  5. Check if the chain rule applies.
  6. Check if logarithmic differentiation is necessary.
  7. Assuming one of the above applies, do it and repeat the process.
  8. When no more differentiation is required you have the derivative.
  9. Check out our derivative lessons for more help.
  10. Check out our derivative worksheets for more practice.
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